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"Series 2000 Dispenser"
The ONLY one on the market that will dispense from a single to a 3 pack.


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*Available with optional
decal front.
Two separate, top-of-the-line ESD coin mechanisms. On-site convertible from 25 to $2.00. No operator or serviceman required.

You get double magazine sales in a case that measures only 10" wide x 25" tall X 7" deep.
Pick-proof lock for product area and can be keyed individually.
Stainless steel with powder epoxy finish.
Interchangeable magazines hold 75 pieces of product each.
3 part stainless steel construction with individual replacement parts available. Virtually vandal and theft proof.
Tubular steel, pick-proof lock for coin area. Holds 3,000 quarters and can be keyed individually.
Interchangeable magazines will dispense 1, 2 or 3 pack for three times the profit. Can vend any package 1/2" thick or less.
(3-3/4" x 3")
Machine can also be made to dispense o.b. tampons (model #2002T) as well as condoms and Tylenol.